Monday, August 2, 2010

Plain Sight v1.0.1.9

Plain Sight v1.0.1.9 | 180 MB

Plain Sight is a multiplayer arcade game about suicidal ninja robots. Fly through space, leap over planetoids and destroy opponents with your trusty katana. Killing fellow robots lets you steal their tasty, tasty energy. Packed with spinach-like goodness; energy makes you bigger, stronger, faster and generally more awesome. Being all big and badass is great, but in this game it doesn’t win you the match. It makes you a target. To win, you have to convert your energy into points… How do you do this? Simple. Kill yourself. Press the button and turn your happy little robot into a vicious ball of enemy-absorbing plasma! The more opponents you take out, the better. Upgrade your robot, respawn and get stuck in again…

Game features:
13 Multiplayer maps
Battle up to 20 players
5 self-destructive gameplay modes
- Deathmatch
- Ninja! Ninja! Ninja! Robozilla! - mini ninjas unite to bring the gargantuan Robozilla down to size!
- Lighten Up - Detonate on a target area with as much energy as possible, the best detonation wins the points for that round.
- Team Deathmatch / Weakest Clink - Play a standard Team Deathmatch or up the stakes by having a communal score bank.
- Capture the Flag - Well, it looks more like a beacon... but the gameplay is the same.

System requirements:
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
DirectX 9
2 GHz


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