Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Memory Wiz v1.0.0.1 Portable

Memory Wiz v1.0.0.1 Portable | 21 MB

Supercharge your mind with Memory Wiz, a fast-thinking, quick-clicking game of recall for the whole family. Dust off that brain and prepare to get your juices flowing in this exciting twist on the classic game of memory. Simply flip tiles and match the colorful symbols, but be quick about it because if you’re not, the board fills and the tiles will take over! Can you create chains big enough to make it through and score big points? Try Quest mode and challenge over 50 levels of matching madness, or have unlimited fun with Quick Play mode. Each includes five different styles of play such as Classic, Blitz and Puzzle. With special power-up tiles, three separate difficulties and awesome reward trophies, this is one brain training game that is sure to incite your intellect.

Game features:
Improve your memory with a fun twist on the classic game of recall.
Challenge the matching madness in Quest and Quick Play modes.
Play five unique styles such as Classic, Blitz and Puzzle.
Test your skills in the stimulating Joker mini-game.
Use special power-ups like Wild Bomb, Freeze, Sidewinder and Showtime.

System requirements:
Windows XP/Vista/7
1.4 GHz
128 MB RAM


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