Monday, August 9, 2010

King's Smith 2 v1.0

King's Smith 2 v1.0 | 104.3 MB

You had lived a peaceful and honorable life on a castle as a royal king's smith. But malicious betrayal changed it all forever. As a young blacksmith Anya try to figure out what happened and why have you been taken out of a royal court. Despite your memory loss you will slowly discover hidden plans beyond your kidnap. Kingdom is in danger and King needs your help! Travel and learn new patterns, meet many strangers and discover power of rare magic cards. Punish the betrayal, save kingdom from danger and become the King's Smith once again!

* Manage your own smithery.
* Enjoy immersive atmosphere with deep storyline.
* Discover rare magic cards and powerfull spells.
* Reclaim your lost King's Smith title!
* And much more...

System requirements:
* Windows XP/Vista or Mac OS Leopard
* 900 MHz processor
* 3D graphic accelerator
* 512 MB RAM


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