Wednesday, July 14, 2010

ThePot Limited ThePot Player v1.4.147b

ThePot Limited ThePot Player v1.4.147b | 75.7 MB

Thepot Player is an all-in-one, custom-fit, built to maximize usability and resolve inconveniences in mobile computing environments. Simple customization, high speed and a sleek design are just three of the many characteristics of Thepot Player that allow users to enjoy computing in desktop, mobile, and driving environments with ease. In our mission to make the most innovative product on the market, we are constantly challenging ourselves to improve the Pot Player, The most prominent theme that flowed through the research, planning, programming, and development stages for Thepot Player was usability. Balancing the Player’s variety of functions and its intuitive ease of use was the crux of the problem. After extensive usability research, we included a minimum number of essential functions and adopted simple visual elements, such as album covers and screen shot icons. That intuitive visual design is Thepot Player’s underlying concept of “look and use.”


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