Saturday, July 3, 2010

Super Jigsaw Americana Portable

Super Jigsaw Americana Portable | 7 MB

Explore the American heartland with Super Jigsaw Americana, an all-new collection of scenic puzzles. From sea to shining sea, America overflows with stunning scenery. Over purple mountain majesties, across amber waves of grain, it's a spectacular display of life in every form. Travel the country, setting your sights on its splendor with 50 wonderful puzzles displaying the captivating beauty. Select a country farmhouse, a picturesque canyon, or an open plain as you gaze upon beautiful images. Customize your puzzle from as little as four pieces for young players, to well over 500 pieces for experts. You can even choose a diversity of piece shapes! There's no end to the family fun you can have when putting these images back together.

* See the beauty of America in this collection of Jigsaw puzzles.
* Travel through the heartland gazing upon beautiful scenery.
* Challenge yourself with as little as four to over 500 pieces.
* Select from different shapes to test your skills.
* Share the fun with the entire family.

System Requirements:
* Windows XP
* 266 MHz Pentium 3 or equivalent
* 256MB RAM
* DirectX 7.0


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