Thursday, June 3, 2010

Monopoly: Here & Now Edition v1.0.7.110 Portable

Monopoly: Here & Now Edition v1.0.7.110 Portable | 14.7 MB

What would 'MONOPOLY' be like if it were invented today? Find out as this classic family favorite gets a modern makeover for today's would-be billionaires! Load your account with millions, roll the dice, and move all-new tokens around the board. Buy and sell all-new properties featuring popular destinations from across the United States. Challenge your friends and family to exciting 'MONOPOLY' fun, or play against an advanced AI with multiple difficulty settings. Today's properties, today's tokens, today's millions, 'MONOPOLY HERE & NOW EDITION' is timeless fun for tomorrow's billionaires.

* Own Popular Destinations from Across the United States
* Tokens that are Iconic to Life Here and Now
* Buy and Sell at Modern Market Prices
* Play Against Friends and Family

System Requirements:
* Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
* 800MHz or faster Processor
* 128MB RAM
* 16-bit Graphics and Sound Card
* Adobe Flash Player 9 or better
* DirectX 7.0a or better


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