Sunday, June 27, 2010

Focus Photoeditor v6.2.2

Focus Photoeditor v6.2.2 | 11.46 MB

Focus Photoeditor makes it easy to perform photo correction, combining a wide selection of quality features with its user-friendly interface. Version 6 is now a lot FASTER, has improved algorithms, new features and a widely renewed interface.

* Loads fast, letting you immediately start to edit your pictures.
* Does not eat up memory: memory consumption does not grow with the number of files opened.
* Supports over 100 digital camera RAW formats.
* Has the best set of Automatic Photo Corrections you could ask for.
* Uses High Quality photo correction algorithms, which are also finely tuned.
* Has a very easy to use Batch Processor with undo capabilities.
* Supports powerful ways of creating Selections and has separate undo history for them.
* Features great control over precise editing
* Provides many options to save and export files (optimized size and preview for all formats)
* Has a very comfortable picture browser: lets you rotate, make backup copies, copy & paste, print picture files in a sheet.
* Offers many extras, like a web-album builder


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