Friday, May 28, 2010

West Wind Web Monitor v3.42

West Wind Web Monitor v3.42 | 8.45 MB

Need to keep an eye on your Web site? Worried that your site might not be up and running returning accurate results? How much is it costing you if your site is down or not responding properly? Can you afford *not* to monitor your site? West Wind Web Monitor can help you monitor any number of Web site links to ensure they are alive and kicking, and more importantly, returning the results you actually expect. Web Monitor can watch an unlimited number of Web URLs and notify you via email or pager if and when there is a problem. It can even launch another URL or execute a file to correct the problem without manual intervention when a failure occurs.

Key features:
* Monitor any number of Web sites simultaneously
* Monitor HTTP result for a specific strings contained in result
* Search for result text or missing result text with plain text or RegEx expressions
* Configure each site individually including messages, actions and check frequency
* Recheck sites before failing to avoid false positives
* Support for Authentication, SSL, POST and HTTP Headers in monitoring
* Supports monitoring of Web Services
* Monitor sites once every few seconds or once a day – it’s up to you
* Hit maintenance links at regular intervals to perform automated Web tasks


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