Saturday, May 1, 2010

Voxengo Elephant VST v3.6 (x86/x64)

Voxengo Elephant VST v3.6 (x86/x64) | 10.8 MB

Elephant is a highly competitive plug-in for mastering applications: it features a variety of limiter modes that can be deeply customized, and a comprehensive set of level metering tools. Elephant’s built-in linear-phase oversampling is a new standard in quality peak limiting and loudness maximization. Elephant limiter can be used for mixing and mastering of both stereo and multi-channel music and sound material, at any standard sample rate. Elephant, also featuring a DC offset filter, and a high-quality bit-depth converter with an optional noise-shaping, allows you to finish your music and audio productions with a spark.

Transparent signal limiting action
Optional release stage
Multi-channel processing
Up to 8x linear-phase oversampling
Undo/redo history
22-millisecond processing latency
10 predefined limiter modes
Noise-shaped bit-depth converter
Internal channel routing
64-bit floating point processing
A/B comparisons
Limiter mode editor
DC offset removal filter
Channel grouping
Preset manager
Contextual hint messages


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