Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rainblood Town of Death v1.1.2

Rainblood Town of Death v1.1.2 | 149 MB

Pang Town, a small town on the border of Central Land, is enveloped in a strange plague when a mysterious black-dressed man arrives. Following the man are strange creatures and the ghosts of his past. He does not know why he has been cursed, nor why those he once cared for want him dead. If only he knew a darker force was behind it all… There is hope, for in the strange Pang Town, he will find his destiny and hopefully his salvation. Rainblood takes place in a dark, rich world. It was translated into English by several dedicated English-speakers (with permission of the game creator) who felt this game was something special

System requirement:
Disk space: 180 MB
Operating System:Windows 98/XP/Vista/7
RAM: 256 MB


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