Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cleanse Uninstaller Pro v6.5.1

Cleanse Uninstaller Pro v6.5.1 | 7 MB

Cleanse is a advanced uninstaller that finds and remove even the most stubborn software. Uninstall software faster, easier and more completely than you do with other programs. No problem uninstall. Using the Auto Find function all you have to do is drag and drop the programs icon you want to uninstall onto Cleanse Uninstallers icon and Cleanse will Auto Find the program in the uninstall list and start the uninstall process.

* Faster and cleaner PC system.
* The most advanced uninstaller.
* Stop Adware/Spyware before it starts.
* Remove registry errors. Saves time and money.
* Help and support links for installed programs.
* Save HD space and reduce need for costly hardware upgrades.
* Reduce the need for costly technicians.
* Cost effective way to reduce storage upgrades.
* No problem uninstall.


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