Thursday, May 13, 2010

Buried In Time

Buried In Time | 140.77 MB

One day the king gave his queen a very expensive ornament. The area which governed by the king was very rich and grand, but one day the queen dead. The jewel was lost forever in Buried in Time game. After a lot of time, this valley is empty. Buried in Time is an exciting game that takes you to a group of archaeologists involved in searching for lost jewelry. Players will build a team of up to 20 characters, each possessing a different combination of five skills; surveying, excavating, brushing, analyzing and cooking. Manage your team, ask the problem and you will discover new artifacts. Check the condition of the team, they must have the energy to live a normal human life. Guess the riddle, solving mysteries and dobudte lost treasure!

* Simulation game
* Build A Team Of Up To 20 Characters
* Manage Each Team Member Individually

System requirements:
* Windows XP/Vista/7
* Pentium III 1.2 Ghz or better
* 768MB RAM, 1024MB recommended
* 16MB Video Card, 32MB recommended
* 630MB free hard disk space
* DirectX 8.0, DirectX 9.0 recommended


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