Monday, April 26, 2010

Knights of the Chalice v1.23 Portable

Knights of the Chalice v1.23 Portable | 11 MB

Knights of the Chalice is known as the party-based fantasy CRPG. At the beginning of the game, you create a party of four adventurers. The characters can be Human, Half-Elf or Mul and the available classes are Fighter, Wizard and Cleric. The party starts the game in the Tower of the Knights of the Chalice, an organisation similar to the Knights Templar. They are given a mission: to look for a missing knight. As the party progresses through the game, it unfolds a tale of slavery and tyranny. The characters must confront mighty sorcerers, heartless slavers, hideous trolls, boastful giants and scheming dragons.

* Turn-based, party-based tactical combat.
* User-friendly interface.
* A well-developed artificial intelligence.
* Omnipresent help files and clear in-game feedback.
* 175 magic spells.
* With the right feats and sufficient gold and experience points, craft your own weapons and apply enchantments like Wounding, Speed, Flaming Burst and Keen.
* Multiple-choice dialogue that sometimes allows the player to resolve situations in unexpected ways.
* A large campaign.
* Create your level-1 characters and take them all the way to level 20 (maximum).

System requirements:
Windows XP/Vista/7
600 MHz
256 MB RAM


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