Tuesday, April 20, 2010

eXtreme Gammon v1.13 Portable

eXtreme Gammon v1.13 Portable | 16 MB

eXtreme Gammon is a world class backgammon opponent using Neural Network technology to deliver extremely fast and accurate evaluations. You can pitch yourself against eXtreme Gammon, in match or money sessions. You can choose from many levels of play ranging from world-class to beginner. Enjoy a full customizable 3D interface with animation. Import your game from any of the major online sites. The analysis is performed in the background, which allows you to see your errors immediately. Store the results in your profile for a comprehensive analysis of your level of play. Improve your game with the tutor mode. eXtreme Gammon analyzes your decisions during your match and advises you if you made an error. Use the analyze tools to understand why the computer's choice is superior. Run a rollout if ever you disagree with it. eXtreme Gammon is the only program that acknowledge its error and will credit you with an outplay in case you move turns out better than his.

Game features:
World-class level engine
Very Fast analysis (twice the speed of GnuBG in 3ply, Rollouts are three and half time faster than GnuBG)
Background analysis allows instant access to results as you play, rather than waiting for the completion of the match
Seamless interface to import games from all major online sites.
Extremely advanced statistics retained for playing account and online account including tracking of money gains.
The simple mode allows players unfamiliar with complex equity information to obtain considerable help from the analysis.
Variety of play modes: Free play, Tutor, Coaching, Competition and Iron man mode.

System requirements:
Windows XP/Vista
1 GHz
256 MB RAM


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