Thursday, April 15, 2010

WaterProof PHPEdit v3.6.2.10207

WaterProof PHPEdit v3.6.2.10207 | 15 MB

PHPEdit is an integrated development environment specialized for PHP, the most popular web scripting language in the world. PHPEdit integrates all the tools you will need to carry out your web application projects.

Whether you are a student learning the technology, or a veteran professional with a skilled team, PHPEdit will bring the best out of you by increasing your efficiency and by making your life easier.

* PHP4 and PHP5 support
* Syntax highlighting, code auto completion
* Templates (PHP, PHPDoc, New file)
* Code folding (Classes, functions and PHPDoc)
* Real time syntax checking
* Bookmarks
* Quick navigation in the source
* Automatic insertion (braces, square brakets)
* Token match
* Comment/uncomment the PHP code


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