Friday, April 16, 2010

Evil Genius v1.01

Evil Genius v1.01 | 1.66 GB

Enabling you to assume the role of a malevolent mastermind bent on achieving global domination, through the construction of the ultimate doomsday device, Evil Genius gives you all the dastardly with none of the mutley. Build a secret base, gain notoriety by completing daring missions, repel the forces of justice in real-time combat, and develop evil super-weapons to complete your nefarious master plan.

A tongue-in-cheek take on the spy thrillers of the '60s, offering you the unique opportunity to play the villain as you control a secret island fortress complete with powerful henchmen, loyal minions, ice-cold beauty queens, and a host of hilarious gizmos, Evil Genius is one of the freshest, funniest games to hit the PC in a long time.

* Build your secret base and defend it against attacks by obnoxious action heroes and government agents in real time
* Play a malevolent mastermind bent on global domination
* Control a secret island fortress staffed with henchmen, minions, femmes fatale, and a host of hilarious gizmos
* Master base building, real-time combat, minion training, techno-research, and mission deployment
* Manage your minions as you train them to develop evil technology and super-weapons

Minimum System Requirements:
System: Pentium III 800 MHz or higher or equivalent
RAM: 256 MB
Video Memory: 16 MB
Other: 128 MB RAM
DirectX Version: DirectX 9

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