Sunday, March 14, 2010

Website Watcher 2010 Business Edition v10

Website Watcher 2010 Business Edition v10 | 13.41 MB

WebSite-Watcher ensures you never miss an update on a favorite Web site. While this software does what it promises, we found some serious hurdles that many may find troublesome. This program stars working right after you download. The first screen you will see asks you to input which sites to watch. The rest of the program, however, is not nearly as intuitive as this first step. Once you see your Web pages listed, you are basically left to fend for yourself. While the program is fairly simple to comprehend after experimenting with different buttons, there are still several icons that do not make sense.

* Monitor web pages
* Monitor password protected pages
* Monitor forums
* Monitor RSS-Feeds
* Monitor Newsgroups
* Powerful yet simple filter system


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