Sunday, March 7, 2010

Synium Screenium v1.3 MacOSX

Synium Screenium v1.3 MacOSX | 9.46 MB

Screenium 1.1 premiers a much more powerful capturing engine, with support for reliable, pristine multichannel audio and video from various internal and external sources. We also added configurable visualization for mouse actions, including display of button names. New »Status Indicators« clearly show if Screenium is still recording or if it has been conveniently paused in mid-session. By one look at Screenium’s Dock icon, you’re able to tell if your picture-in-picture recording is actually running fine. The introduction of version 1.2 marks improvements to the user interface, making Screenium all the more accessible and intuitive to use. While reworking the mouse-based area selection, we added a textual input window for area size and position. Our HotText feature now allows to define the font size as well as font color, position and duration – oh, and the text overlays fade in and out smoothly. The mouse pointer visualization now features a click counter and even shows mouse wheel usage.


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