Friday, March 19, 2010

Precipice PC Chaperone Professionel v5.7.551

Precipice PC Chaperone Professionel v5.7.551 | 7.09 MB

Wherever computers are used there is room for abuse and dangerous behavior At home children can be exposed to adult content and online predators while excessive game playing can distract them from school work. In the office unrestricted Internet access can reduce productivity. Schools and other non-profit organizations can find themselves liable for illegal activities, such as downloading illegal music and movies

* Internet filtering to block unwanted content using pre-compiled filers and customizable lists
* Set schedules to control when individual websites can be viewed
* Record websites visited and attempts to view blocked sites
* Control and record conversations on AOL, MSN, and Yahoo Instant Messengers
* Block peer-to-peer file sharing, a common source of adult content
* Keystroke logging to monitor user activity in any program
* Schedule access any program or group of programs
* Set time limits on when the computer can be used
* Prevent new program installations


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