Thursday, March 4, 2010

Memory Clinic

Memory Clinic | 53.5 MB

Improve your intellect with Memory Clinic, a fascinating blend of hidden object and brain-training fun. Join Dr. Summerland at the Memory Clinic to undertake a series of entertaining exercises that will help sharpen your memory. Through her group of tests designed to improve memory skills, you will be able to train your mind in attention, speed, memory, and problem solving. Play a wide variety of hidden object scenes and try to locate all of the items based on different listing mechanics. Click and select them by name, silhouette or fill-in-the-blank lists. In between, you will also play a set of diverse and fun mini-games to add a bigger challenge. With over 60 levels of hidden object gameplay, nine different variations, and extra modes to unlock, these exercises are sure to keep your memory sharp!

• The first hidden object game created to improve your skills and memory!
• Train in attention, speed, memory, and problem solving.
• Time Attack Mode! For true experts only.
• Over 60 levels of hidden object gameplay
• 9 variations of hidden object gameplay
• Specialized mini games to add a new challenge.


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