Monday, March 1, 2010

The Dream Voyagers

The Dream Voyagers | 157.78 MB

You are a Dream Voyager, blessed with the gift of being able to enter the dreams of others and calm their nightmares. The mysterious Guild group keeps order in the dream world and they have recruited you to join their ranks. As a new member of the Guild, you are still learning the ropes, but the Guildmaster has contacted you to take on a special assignment. The people of the town of Slumberton are suffering from an unusual amount of nightmares and those nightmares are starting to infect their peaceful dreams! Your job is to travel to Slumberton, enter the dreamscape of the townspeople, restore order to the dreams and put a stop to all the nightmares. In order to do so, you must travel through the dreamscape on a magical hidden object adventure!


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