Sunday, February 21, 2010

Zany Doodle v1.0.1

Zany Doodle v1.0.1 | 75.73 MB

Zany Doodle is a new and unique puzzle game, that will challenge your creativity. You will just use pens, crayons, pins and yarn to "draw" your ideas into the game world. Everything you draw will (physically) behave like if it was real. Inside the gameworld you are given different challenges, that you have to solve using your creativity and the drawing tools. It also has a free play mode, where you can draw anything you want to create cool machines, crazy inventions or just watch what happens. You can even create new levels and share them with your friends.

This game is only limited by your imagination. Its very unique gameplay is hard to describe, and all that is just as easy as drawing on a paper!
You want a box? Just draw it!
You want a seesaw? Just draw it!
You want a pulley? Just draw it!

* very easy to control
* unique and addicting gameplay
* realtime physics engine
* different crayons draw different materials
* use flexible yarn strings to connect things
* pin things, so that they stay in place
* several different sorts of paper
* underwater like levels
* space levels without the help of gravity
* unlimited possibilities with the level editor
* supports pressure sensitive graphic tablets
* share your creations with others (soon)
* 10 beautiful ambient music tracks
* for all ages


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