Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sonne Flash Decompiler v5.2.1.2196

Sonne Flash Decompiler v5.2.1.2196 | 5.6 MB

Sonne Flash Decompiler is designed for anyone who wants to restore elements used in flash files. It is a powerful flash decompiler with the functionality to convert flash files between swf and exe formats and edit swf movies (dynamic texts, images and more). With sonne Flash Decompiler, all components including images, sound, action scripts, dynamic texts, morphs shapes, frames, morphs, fonts, buttons and sprites can be completely recovered. By using Sonne Flash Decompiler, you can find out almost everything in a Flash movie and get back your FLA.

Key Function:
* Innovatively separated preview window allows you to preview and play Flash movies (both SWF and EXE file are supported).
* Sonne Flash Decompiler has an explorer-like interface that helps users to find Flash movies easily.
* Displays all components of a movie in groups (such as Image, Shape, Sound, Font, Text, Button, Sprite...)
* Extract the shapes, sounds, images, sprites, fonts, texts and scripts from a Flash movie.
* Displays detailed properties of elements in Flash movies and detailed tag information in real time.
* Supports the conversion between SWF and EXE file.
* Allows you to replace images of current flash movie with desired images and also allows editing dynamic texts (text, diaphaneity, font, color) at your will.


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