Sunday, February 28, 2010


Sanitarium | 1.2 GB

Ever wondered what would the mind of a mad-man look like? Ever wondered what is being inside a sanitarium feel like? Sanitarium, a unique approach to point-and-click adventure genre, takes you directly in to the answer of these questions. As you try to survive, discover and solve this mysterious worlds environments, you will really feel the madness, the madness only a mad-man might now, or are you really mad? Surely you are not...

True to end to the point and click genre, the game takes you various different environments makes you solve various inventive puzzles, collect items that will help you throughout the game. One should also note the various crazy, half-sane or half-dead NPCs, that you need to talk and interact. Different environments should also be underlined here, simply because you probably never ventured to a farm that is in control of a giant pumpkin alien, or a circus that has just come into being from a baby girl's imagination. As you make your way through one different environment to the other you discover the real depth of your madness, or are you really mad?

System Requirements:
* Windows 95/98/ME/XP
* 133 MHz Processor
* 32MB RAM
* 2MB Video Memory
* 70MB Hard Drive Space

CD1 Part 1
CD1 Part 2
CD1 Part 3
CD1 Part 4

CD2 Part 1
CD2 Part 2
CD2 Part 3
CD2 Part 4
CD2 Part 5

CD3 Part 1
CD3 Part 2
CD3 Part 3
CD3 Part 4
CD3 Part 5

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