Saturday, February 20, 2010

Digital Vision v2009.1

Digital Vision v2009.1 | 121.79 MB

Digital Vision is the world’s premier supplier of mastering technology for the motion picture industry, television broadcasters and post-production facilities. Working in close contact with our customers we have delivered image processing tool sets, workflow efficiencies and processing performance that has redefined the way facilities work.

What’s included:
* Film Master The comprehensive colour grading and finishing solution for feature films and commercials, long form television and restoration.
* Film Cutter The solution for ingest, conform, primary colour grading, pan & scan, dailies and editorial work on feature films, commercials and long form television, an ideal assist station for Film Master.
* Data Conform The complete conforming and editing solution for tapeless workflows, the perfect choice for post and VFX houses that do extensive pre-visualisation work.
* Nucoda HD Offers a comprehensive tapeless mastering and grading for broadcast, Blue-ray disc and all high definition applications.
* Phoenix The perfect solution for all your restoration, re-mastering and repurposing needs.
* DVNR The comprehensive, flexible, hardware-based system for telecine and tape-to-tape image enhancement applications.
* DVO Tools to enhance, convert and restore your images using DV’s award winning motion estimation technology.
* Turbine Brings the immense power of the blade server right into the hands of the creative colourist, linked directly to the Film Master render manager.


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