Friday, February 26, 2010

ABIX v6.69.05 Bilanguage

ABIX v6.69.05 Bilanguage | 6.34 MB

ABIX is a personal information management program allowing you to manage all your personal information easily, clearly and efficiently. ABIX does far more than the other programs of this category, by allowing you to manage your inventory, your collections and receipts as well as your budget. All your important information is then regrouped and accessible from the same software. Given the importance of this information, ABIX has an integrated “Data backup” function, allowing you to easily backup your data on diskette, which you preserve in a safe place. And if you want to, ABIX can even remind you to make a backup of your data at intervals decided by you This way you have no risk of forgetting to backup your data regularly and your important information will be secured.


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